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This Wednesday, February 15, 2012 5:30PM EST we feature "FREE Ninja Market Profile Software & ONE Day in Market Profile Trading Room" presented by Gregory Lee of EminiTradingSchool & will be emailing out the most advanced NinjaTrader TPO/Market Profile Indicator that is available to the public, and for a FREE 7 day trial along with one hour setup and general use video.

Go to this link: and request the FREE NinjaTrader TPO/Market Profile Indicator and then start watching the setup and general use video.

Be ready for the Market Profile class describing general TPO Indicator use, and the 8 Market Profile Day Types, and the 4 W’s of Market Profile Trading - What, Where, When and Why does any market go where it goes to the tick while using our precise MP Trading Plan!

  • You now can learn Market Profile Trading everyday and with all the Nuances answered real time.
  • We will show you how we prepare our trading plan pre-market and discuss how we trade with a trading plan during the day.
  • We will review the current day type and entries that our simple Market Profile Trading Plan generated for us. We will display all day types and small .75 to 1.50 risk and potential reward size to each day type.
  • You can WIN every day with a correct trading plan which reads the correct day type! You can start to see 90% accuracy with your trading and know 95% plus of the time why the market turned where it turned intraday.

In the interim, please visit: or and then sign up for a FREE 3 Day Trial and receive a EXTRA FREE Day in our Market Profile Trading Room.

Gregory Lee

emini Trading School
Ask Market Profile Trading
Toll Free: 866-315-0112

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Risk disclosure: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.