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Acetrades Live Here and Now * 3-day Event February 23 - 25th 9:30AM EST

Your registration today enables you to attend three consecutive free days of LIVE trading on February 23nd starting at 9:30AM EST. You do not need to participate each day but you may if you choose. Again, this is three free days of live trading on Wednesday February 23rd, Thursday, February 24th, and Friday February 25th. We welcome back The Amazing live numbers of accuracy. Called here and now.

Trading is one of the most lucrative endeavours out there. Our job as traders in any market is:

~ To capture intraday price swings.

~To understand a 5-10-20 even 40 pt range day.

~To succeed with more wins than losses, and

~To gain maximum confidence in what we see as price action.

Daytrading requires a personality to coincide with the personality of a market that has the potential to either make you or destroy you and your trading confidence. Sound familiar? Understanding price action and the rules of this auction combined with discipline and sound personal psychology is where this business begins, period!

From the Acetrades support and resistance numbers, to the 90 percent probability price targets how can we go wrong?  From there you can step up to any market at any time on any time frame and start to diagnose with confidence, knowing exactly your location on the map at all times.

 You are cordially invited to attend LIVE S+P action with is offering a LIVE DEMO in real auction time. Why? To show you the perfection of the Ace numbers and how to keep your wins not your losses. The Ace numbers are called with clarity using absolutely no lagging indicators or hidden formulas. Here you will have mentor and trainer to show you the 8 Ace keys to reading price action charts with no indicators. Acetrades will show you how to obtain that winning edge. We will guide you how to read the road map correctly and your inner confidence will naturally follow. Our key numbers are incredibly accurate as is price targets.
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Or visit to see the full list of presenters.

Risk disclosure: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.