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SCIPIO Biofuels Inc. http://www.scipiobiofuels.com
An environmental R&D company having the technologies necessary for a decentralized algae-to-biofuels manufacturing process on an industrial scale, continuously. Also a comprehensive system for the bioremediation of eutrophic water bodies. The company has proprietary technologies for the removal of all sizes of airborne particulates as well as CO2 while locking the carbon into a non-water soluble form safe for ocean disposal. The company has other technologies directly applicable to both sides of the "Climate Change" problem.

SCIPIO Biofuels Inc. Categories:   Consultants
Contact Information
Primary Contact Name:   Matt Snyder
Primary Contact Position/Department:   President
Primary Contact E-Mail:   matt@scipiobiofuels.com
Phone:   +1 949 633 2367
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Additional Information
Country:   U.S.A.
Additional Contacts
Name Position E-Mail Phone
Frances Wells Vice-President fran@scipiobiofuels.com +1 949 425 0667
Paula Huff Vice President paula@scipiobiofuels.com
Kevin Sterbentz Dir. of Quality Assurance Ksterbentz@scipiobiofuels.com