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This directory lists relevant associations, groups, organizations and major aerospace manufacturers. The directory is regularly updated and if you would like to be listed please email full details to directory@greenaironline.com.


eCO2market was created in 2009 to help organizations navigate the complexities of carbon markets and help make better decisions. The company provides independent, transparent and exhaustive information through its online platform, eCO2data.com. With the advent of new EU ETS regulations covering airlines, the company’s platform offers three main components that directly benefit airline operators. First, eCO2data can help organizations find high quality carbon offsets through a database of over 19000 carbon projects in four major standards including CDM. Second, the platform can facilitate buying opportunities through a network of over 9000 participants including project owners. Finally, the company can offer unique tools that are unavailable elsewhere on the market like CER volume forecasts and portfolio management tools that include real-time email alerts to keep clients constantly up-to-date and enable better business decisions.

eCO2market Categories:   Fuel and Carbon Management
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Primary Contact Name:   Natalia Garavito
Primary Contact Position/Department:   Commercial Director
Primary Contact E-Mail:   ngaravito@eco2market.com
Phone:   +33 9 52 38 19 51