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Middle East Jet Fuels Conference

16-17 April 2014

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The event is held alongside the annual Middle East Petroleum and Gas Conference (MPGC), the Gulf region’s longest running annual oil conference. It has the patronage and support of the Bahrain National Oil Company, BAFCO, Qatar Petroleum and the Emirates National Oil Company. With its focus on the global jet fuels business, the conference will provide both knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, with participation from leading producers, suppliers, manufacturers, re-refiners, traders and end-users from 25 countries.


Addressing demand trends for aviation fuel markets in the Gulf with key airport projects facing regional air transport challenges, the programme will include sustainable aviation fuel adoption, the regulatory environment in Europe and the potential of the Middle East emerging as a champion for the commercialisation of GTL for aviation and biojet fuels. Sessions will cover: Prospects for an alternative jet fuels industry in UAE; The aircraft and engine manufacturer perspective; Update on GTL and alternative jet fuel initiatives; Progress towards bio-derived jet fuel technologies; and Alternative jet fuel economics and operations – airline and supplier perspectives.


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ATAG 2014 Global Sustainable Aviation Summit

29-30 April 2014

Geneva, Switzerland


The Air Transport Action Group’s Aviation & Environment Summit has become the leading global forum for the world’s aviation community to discuss sustainability issues. ATAG’s next event will focus on aviation and climate change; aviation as a catalyst for sustainable development; and the future implications for aviation.


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2nd aireg International Biofuel Conference

19 May 2014

Berlin, Germany


Organised by aireg, the biofuels initiative of the German aviation industry, the conference will look at the challenges facing the growing alternative aviation fuels sector. It will consider how to accomplish a swift and non-distortionary deployment of these fuels, how to safeguard a sufficient supply of sustainable feedstocks and how changes in climate and biofuel policies affect the market. These issues will be at the core of discussions among international leaders from politics, industry and science. The proceedings will be in English and German, with simultaneous translation, and the event will take place prior to the opening of this year’s ILA Berlin Air Show.


More details will be released shortly but in the meantime contact Lukas Rohleder of aireg.



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