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CDHCI Sponsor Organizations

Bank of America Benefit Solutions

Bank of America Benefit Solutions™ provides a simplified, flexible and innovative Consumer Directed Health Care program that allows employers to fully and seamlessly integrate their health care plans with related CDHC accounts--all from one trusted financial partner. Employers can maintain stability in their account-based programs year in and year out, regardless of changes they make to health plan offerings, or designs. Our cornerstone product, The HSA for Life™ Health Savings Account, is a truly portable HSA that stays with the consumer through all of life’s changes—whether they move, change health plans or employers, or even retire. HRA and FSA employer sponsored program administration is available, too. A single platform allows employers to offer stand alone or 'stacked' accounts—enabling full customization and integration with their health plan offerings. To find out more contact us at:  1.866.791.0251 or on our website at

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Evolution1 and our Partners serve more than 7 million consumers, making us the nation’s largest electronic payment, on-premise and cloud computing healthcare solution that administers reimbursement accounts, including HSAs, HRAs, FSAs, VEBAs, Wellness and Transit Plans. It is the only solution that meets up to 1,200 unique plan designs, provides innovative auto-substantiation technologies, simplifies user experience, and automates workflow for Partners, employers, and consumers. It does all this on one technology platform comprised of Lighthouse1™, PayDirect®, the Benny® Benefits Debit Card, Lighthouse1 OneCard™ and integrated web portals. Evolution1 and our Partners are dedicated to delivering value, reducing costs and simplifying the business of healthcare.

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At Consult A Doctor, our goal is simple. We believe that doctors seeing patients online and by phone is the only way to help make healthcare work. Patients are struggling to get access to care when they need it and healthcare systems are eager to find ways to bring modern solutions to the equation. Every day, more and more people in need of simple care are being forced to either go without treatment or seek care settings like the ER and urgent care clinics that are not appropriate settings for their needs

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Metavante Healthcare Payment Solutions is one of the leaders in transforming the healthcare payments industry by accelerating the exchange of information and funds between patients, payers, providers and financial institutions. Forging new connections between payment and data systems to quicken the claims process, Metavante expedites benefits eligibility verification, claims substantiation, medical remittance processing, and payment and explanation of benefit distribution. With Web-enabled tools, an HSA platform, multi-purse benefit debit cards and combo eligibility/payment cards, Metavante enables integrated consumer benefit account management of HSA, FSA, HRA, and dependent care and transportation accounts.

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Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank is committed to serving the healthcare industry and provides an HSA solution to meet your needs. Our HSA Sales Executives are knowledgeable and dedicated to providing an HSA solution for companies throughout the United States. Fifth Third Bank offers a comprehensive online HSA solution that is a one-stop shop for employer and employee needs. Fifth Third Bank provides specialized support, online ease of use, and educational materials that all organizations deem important as they choose their HSA provider. For more information please visit or call 1-888-350-5353.

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Acclaris is the leading provider of technology and services that power and simplify the complexities of consumer driven healthcare, flexible spending accounts, and other reimbursement programs for more than 3 million people. Our business model focuses on providing administrators a configurable platform across many account types. In return, we make it easy for our clients’ participants with industry leading reimbursement turnaround times; mobile technology, online claims upload, imaging and help ticketing; payment flexibility and stacked account functionality; and world class customer service across multiple access points. Acclaris offers clients an innovative approach to faster, more profitable growth, greater agility and higher member satisfaction.  Visit us at

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Consumer Health Technologies

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Connextions, Inc.

Consumer-driven disruption of the health care industry's supply chain requires that participants evolve from a wholesale B2B to a retail B2C orientation. This significant change demands:
·         product innovation and portfolio depth
·         lower-cost distribution
·         multi-channel access to / from customers
·         speed to market
·         customer service orientation
·         consistent nurturing of brand loyalty / retention
Connextions works with many of the nation's largest and most experienced healthcare payers and providers to operationalize their consumer-direct strategies, and to maintain and expand their market franchise in the face of unprecedented change and opportunity.

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Discovery Benefits

Discovery Benefits is a national leader in employee benefits administration
and has a long history in employee benefit services. Discovery Benefits has
a presence in all 50 states and has offered flexible benefits administration
since 1987.  We simplify administration and build seamless integration among
multiple accounts including HSAs, HRAs and FSAs.  Even more, our depth
extends beyond healthcare to include integrated dependent care spending
accounts administration, transit/parking plans and COBRA.

The objective and cornerstone of Discovery Benefits' philosophy is to
provide responsive and flexible administrative services creating value for
our clients and their employees.  We make employee benefits administration
easy by providing extraordinary customer service, unique product solutions
and smarter technologies.

Simply put, we work hard to make it easy to do business with us.

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TPABenefits, Inc.

TPABenefits sets the industry standard in developing and supporting secure HIPAA compliant web portals for the healthcare industry. By importing medical, prescription, flex/section125, lab, and wellness data into one central data warehouse. With more than ten years of e-health development experience, TPABenefits has been able to create user-friendly web portals that tie all the parties in interest together, including the Payor, Employer, Agent/Broker, Stoploss/Underwriter, Member, and Providers. By licensing the TPABenefits Web Portal, corporate risk managers and human resource managers are able to retain control of all their healthcare data and provide a personal health record for their employees, there by improving productivity and healthcare.

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Acclaim Benefits 

For more than 25 years, and to over 500 companies and non-profit organizations nationwide, Acclaim Benefits has provided trusted, long-term administrative solutions for spending accounts, transportation benefits, continuation programs, and retiree billing.  Acclaim Benefits is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we serve mid-to-large market organizations including state, county and city governments, associations, school districts, unions, single employers, and Fortune 500 firms.  With flexible benefit solutions, innovative products and services, and a dedicated personal approach, Acclaim Benefits delivers unique options designed to simplify the administrative experience and ensure consistent client satisfaction.

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AssureCare ranks among the most experienced and progressive national consulting, risk management and third party administrators of health benefits for CDHP self-funded plans. Offering integrated HSA/HRA/FSA blended consumer driven plans since 2005 AssureCare clients have realized medical claims savings as high as 60%. In 2007 AssureCare introduced integrated HSA/HRA CDHP plans with wellness incentives tied to the funding of the HRA and preliminary results have far exceeded employer expectations.  Expert AssureCare staff consultants developed & implemented the nation’s 1st group HSA plan and were special advisors to U.S. Treasury during initial HSA guidance in January of 2004. AssureCare services all 50 states and has adjudication facilities in 6 major markets throughout the U.S.


back to top is a social-networking portal to help consumers find the best value for routine health care services in their neighborhood. The site includes a directory of true prices for common services based on actual visits by individual consumers. The website is free and everyone is invited to participate, including the insured and insured, by anonymously posting prices they paid for routine health care services (such as MRIs, mammograms, x-rays, CT scans, vaccinations, office visits, dental and vision), along with their personal recommendations on the provider.




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Ika Systems

ikaSystems provides comprehensive enterprise-wide technology solutions that enable managed care organizations, third party administrators, Medicare and Medicaid programs to automate all the key transactions and business processes in the managed care cycle.

 ikaSystems demonstrates industry leadership through its ikaEnterprise solutions suite, which enables brokers/agents, members, employers, providers, and health plan administrative and medical management staff to work seamlessly in a real-time and HIPAA-compliant Web-enabled environment.

 The system consists of five stand-alone, self-service Web portals that are tightly integrated with medical intelligence and transactional systems: core claims adjudication, disease and utilization management, medical and business intelligence, HEDIS® reporting and consumer-directed healthcare systems. 

 ikaSystems also provides managed care organizations with a broad spectrum of healthcare consulting and outsourcing services

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MinuteClinic offers quick, convenient and affordable health care. You’ll find our clinics in retail locations such as CVS/Pharmacy, Bartell Drugs, Cub Foods and Target stores, with over 70 clinics in major metropolitan areas nationwide. MinuteClinic will continue its aggressive national growth, adding 200 clinics in 2006.

 Here are some quick facts about MinuteClinic:

  • No appointment necessary, most visits take approx. 15 minutes
  • Opened extended weekday hours and on weekends
  • Diagnosis and treatment for common family ailments (prescriptions written when clinically appropriate)
  • In-network with most major health plans
  • Most services cost between $49-59

We have treated approx. 370,000 patients to date with a 99% excellent satisfaction rate.  For more information or to find a clinic near you, please visit us at: or call 866-389-ASAP (2727).


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Plan Service Providers, LLC (“PSP”) offers a 50 state, High Deductible Health Plan/Reinsurance service in conjunction with local and national custodial banking arrangements. PSP’s High Deductible Health Plan services include on-line enrollment and brokerage capabilities, nationwide medical management and PPO network services, personal care medicine, wellness programs, walk-in clinics and the medical management tools that allow self-insured employers and their employees to reduce health-care costs by a documented 40%-60%. Custodial banking arrangements include a national partnership with Bank of America as well as the ability to support local community banks interested in offering HSA services to their commercial and retail customers.

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TripleTree is a leading investment banking firm dedicated to meeting the needs of technology, healthcare, and business service companies. TripleTree’s professionals have over 100 years of combined senior executive operating experience building high growth technology, healthcare, and financial companies. Specializing in M&A, private placements, and financial advisory services, we represent growth-orientated companies in pursuing strategic alternatives that drive premium valuations. We have closed over 150 M&A and over 100 private & public financing transactions totaling more than $3 billion. To learn more, please visit

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ApotheCard is a consumer-directed company that offers individuals access to discounted pricing for prescription drugs. Regardless of insurance coverage, consumers can obtain discounted pricing for any FDA-approved drug at virtually any pharmacy with an ApotheCard Direct Drug Discount Card. An ApotheCard may be downloaded free from  The website offers instant comparison shopping tools for finding the best local prescription drug pricing. For industry partners, ApotheCard offers loyalty programs for health plans, HSA administrators, online pharmacies, banks, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to offer their customers a greater choice of drugs and cost savings without the restrictive formularies used by traditional PBMs.

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 Devon Health

Devon Health Services, Inc.  is a National Healthcare Cost Management Company that provides innovative products designed to identify and combat the factors responsible for increasing healthcare costs.  Devon Health has a complete portfolio of products for any business. They include our National Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Physician and Hospital Claims Settlement, Pharmaceutical Benefit Management and Review, Patient Education Tools, Dental, Vision and Workers Compensation Networks and much more.  We also offer several provider products designed to assist physicians and hospitals in lowering costs, increasing revenue and improving safety.


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Global Health Direct, Inc was founded in 2004 to connect buyers and sellers of health care services through a web-based application (patent pending) that enables: real-time scheduling of “care on demand”; and, transparent and market sensitive pricing of health care goods and services.

The company reflects its founders' vision and commitment to develop a health care market that is shaped by the dynamic forces of supply and demand; and that enables health professionals to differentiate their practices and capture new patients on the strength of their clinical quality and service innovation.

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Integrated Healthcare is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, point and click-based, consumer-driven healthcare platform for self-insured employers. Our technology-based platform redefines the way middle-market companies control health plan costs and deliver attractive plans to their employees. Working in conjunction with leaders in our industry, we designed a health platform with a technical vision and consumer focus that is at the forefront of our industry.

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Quick Health

QuickHealth manages low-cost, affordable doctor’s offices where quality medical care is conveniently available in a consumer-friendly retail environment.  Whether you need a checkup, are not feeling well, have a minor injury or chronic illness, or simply need an immunization or diagnostic lab test, QuickHealth doctors are there for you and your family.  QuickHealth is open 7 days a week, no appointment is necessary, and insurance is not required or accepted.  Based in the San Francisco bay area, QuickHealth is committed to providing quality, convenient, and affordable medical care.  For more information, visit our website at



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The Institute of Lifestyle & Weight Management

The Institute of Lifestyle & Weight Management, opening in early 2006, is a medical institute focused on empowering people to control obesity and related health issues. ILWM will provide high-quality medical care along with the tools and support needed to help overweight and obese individuals manage their weight and improve their lives.

Teamwork and Technology Working Toward a Healthier Tomorrow.

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Based in New York City, Patient2Patient, LLC is an independent, patient-focused company, directed by a diverse group of professionals who have lived with serious illnesses. Patient2Patient is the first company to develop a series of Patient WebGuides that enable patients and caregivers to effectively locate needed disease & condition information and resources on the Internet. Our mission is to help patients and their families who are struggling with illness by providing them with the critical medical information, resources, and practical tools they need to survive and thrive.

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Guardian and Destiny Health: A Formidable Partnership
Destiny Health and The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America have joined forces to offer affordable consumer-driven healthcare coverage. As the nation's fourth-largest mutual life insurer, Guardian is the employee benefits carrier of choice for over 120,000 companies and 6 million individuals across the country. Destiny Health brings over 10 years of international experience in the consumer-driven marketplace to the partnership. The Guardian and Destiny Health alliance creates a synergy that complements Destiny Health's proven record of innovation with Guardian's reputation and reach, resulting in the first significant, national consumer-driven healthcare option that offers cost control, high-quality care and real consumer choice. For more information on the alliance visit

About The Destiny Health Plan
The Destiny Health Plan is based on the Comprehensive Consumer-Driven Healthcare™ model that has been proven to change the way members think about and use their health insurance benefit dollars.

For employers, this helps control rising healthcare costs through lower premium increases. Destiny Health's innovative plan design is patterned after the success of its parent, Discovery Health, an international health insurance company with more than 1.6 million members and over 10 years experience. Discovery introduced the consumer-driven model in South Africa to literally transform the face of healthcare in that country. Now, more than 50 percent of insured consumers in South Africa embrace this model.

The Destiny Health Plan model goes beyond the limitations of first-generation consumer-driven products by leveraging six essential principles of Comprehensive Consumer-Driven Healthcare:

1. Empower members where care is affordable and more controllable
2. Provides comprehensive coverage for less controllable events
3. Provides coverage that is good not only for the sick, but also for the healthy
4. Enhances wellness and promotes healthier lifestyles
5. Equips members with relevant, real-time information
6. Offers flexibility and choice

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'Health care redesigned with the consumer in mind."

HealthAllies is a health care innovator offering a range of consumer-focused solutions to employers, health plans, and direct to individuals through affinity partners.

Our health value program offers typical pre-negotiated savings of 10 to 50 percent to more than 800,000 consumers nationwide. Members can save on a wide range of services not covered by insurance, including primary care, prescription drugs, dental and vision care, laser eye surgery, long-term care, alternative medicine and much more. Comparative information on participating physicians and other health care professionals - such as educational background, credentialing, office hours, languages spoken, and preferred member pricing - enables members to make health care spending decisions based on cost, quality, and convenience.

Through our partnerships with insurance companies, health plans, and plan administrators, we are able to offer a complete range of affordable solutions that integrate health care discounts with limited medical coverage, supplemental insurance benefits, retiree services, FSA administrations and health care savings accounts.

Based in Glendale, Calif,. HealthAllies is a member of UnitedHealth Group.
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HealthMarket is a privately held company offering fully insured benefit plans to employers as a competitive alternative to managed care. Founded in 2000 by industry veteran Stephen F. Wiggins, HealthMarket's Self Directed Health Plans put members and their doctors at the center of the decision-making process by giving them control over spending and providing information tools to help select providers and understand treatment options. A powerful website and personal 'health concierge" services are available for employers and members. The HealthMarket Savings Account and HealthMarket SMARTFUNDSsm are important new plan features. HealthMarket is based in Norwalk, Connecticut, with a National Sales Office in Chicago, Illinois.
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MyHealthBank was founded in April 2000 by leaders in health care, health insurance, health benefits, and technology with the vision of leading the revolution of a consumer-driven health care marketplace. MyHealthBank's vision is based on the three fundamental drivers of consumer-driven health care: (1) Web-enabled self-service administration, (2) integrated insurance and financial services and (3) competitive provider marketplaces that communicate service level, quality and cost information. MyHealthBank is focused exclusively on developing and delivering software systems for health insurers. Our Mission is to develop and deliver scaleable software solutions for insurers that create an immediately practical and cost-effective path for their consumer-driven healthcare initiatives. MyHealthBank fulfills this mission by providing insurers with an interlocking suite of enterprise-class software products for their member, employer, broker, and care provider constituencies.
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Founded by management consulting firm Hewitt Associates, Sageo is the first full-service e-business to deliver health and welfare benefits via the Internet. The firm, which currently services more than 16 companies and 400,000 people nationwide, administers companies' benefits through a one-stop online service and customer care center. Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Ill., Sageo is privately held and employs 150 people. It was recently named one of the top e-businesses to watch by InfoWorld magazine.
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Based in Minneapolis, MN, Vivius is a true-consumer-choice healthcare company that architected a proprietary model, including a core technology that calculates a unique premium for each family member based on his or her personal selections of co-pay levels, and providers. Vivius products are varied applications of the core technology. Available through insurance carriers and others that wish to offer consumers a private-label, turn-key version of Vivius' unique Web-based transaction model, Vivius provides consumers with complete and comprehensive insurance coverage that's individually tailored to each participant, not the one-size-fits-all coverage available with other plans. To view automated demos of the Vivius products:

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Definity Health

Based in Minneapolis, Definity Health is committed to developing health benefit options that give consumers greater control over their own healthcare decisions and increased responsibility for how they spend their health benefit dollars.


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Omnipresent Health care technology is the essence of Focused on the Individual, within or outside the employer market; an Employee, a HSA account holder, a FSA participant, a HRA participant, a COBRA participant, an Individual policy owner, all consume a complete Health care experience within Through its different Editions; Consumer, TPA, Employer, Broker and Custodian, offers a Health care experience simplified for the Individual, making Individualism in Health care a way of life.


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bWell International

bWell International, Inc. is a heath benefits education company that
believes health is wealth. bWell provides businesses and individuals
with health education and planningtools, including the bWell-informed™
Health Plan Forecaster, a learning tool that allows consumers to
evaluate health plan options over time based on individual health and
risk factors. The Health Plan Forecaster and several component
parts—the Health Risk Assessment and the Educational Presentation—can
be purchased on a standalone basis or as an integrated tool set. In
addition, bWell helps build consumerism in healthcare and wellness
services through the company’s bWell-planning™ coaching and consulting


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