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About Shelter Ridge

It was not until well after World War II that development began on Shelter Ridge, first with the Enchanted Knolls subdivision bordering Blithedale and Roque Moraes. That subdivision, with streets like Kipling and Longfellow, established the tradition of literary names for the Ridge. The crest of the Ridge was bare until 1972, when the Security Capital Corporation completed its plans for a common interest development known as Shelter Ridge.

Phase One of Shelter Ridge, consisting of 104 units centered around the pool and clubhouse, was built in 1972. In 1974 there followed the 27 units of Phase Two (on Chaucer, Dickens, Kilmer, and Sandburg) and the 53 units of Phase 3 (on Elliot, Brooke, Byron, Frost, and Tennyson).

Currently Shelter Ridge is a community 184 homes with approximately 400 residents. 

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