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Non-Emergency Maintenance Request Form

Please use this form for consideration of your request for any basic unanticipated eligible maintenance as defined by the Association's CC&Rs.

NOTE: Do not use this form in the event of an emergency. Instead, please notify the proper authorities and/or corresponding utilities immediately (as necessary: 911 services, water, gas, electric, other utilities, etc.), and then contact our management company at 707-584-5123.

After submitting the non-emergency maintenance request form, you will receive an acknowledgement within one full business day of receipt by EBMC.

Sometimes delays in service occur often due to a particular item requiring Board approval, or, in the interest of efficiency and economy, it might be determined that your request may be grouped with other similar ones and done all at once. In most cases, you can expect the non-emergency maintenance issue you reported to be addressed within the next 10 business days; in the instances where there is a delay, we will do our best to keep you informed of your request status.

In the event that there were any questions or concerns, please direct those to the management company at 707-584-5123.

NOTE: Homeowner(s) MUST NOT, under any circumstances, address the on-site maintenance manager, and/or any vendors or workers directly, or even attempt to give them directions while they are working. We ask for your cooperation in not telephoning, talking, emailing or contacting any of them directly in any way, shape or form. In the past, this has resulted in confusion, delays, or even counter-productive waste of scarce and costly resources.

By following this procedure, EBMC will be able to more effectively schedule, prioritize, and maintain a history of work performed at Shelter Ridge Homeowners' Association.


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