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About the Association

The Association is governed by a nine person Board of Directors elected by the membership to three-year overlapping terms. Officers are elected from and by the Board. The names and addresses of current Board Officers and other Board members, and of the chairpersons of the various Board committees, are published annually and distributed to all owners.

Governing Documents:  Shelter Ridge Bylaws, Complete CC&R's, Election Rules, Internal & Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Board meets at the Clubhouse at 6:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month. Shelter Ridge members are invited and encouraged to attend Board meetings. A portion of each meeting is set aside for members to question the Board or to advise it of their concerns.  Click here for more information:  Homeowner Participation at Board Meetings.  Minutes of meetings are posted on this site here (Login Required), or you may request that a copy is mailed to you by completing and sending a meeting minutes option form to the property management company.  The form available under Forms, (Login Required).

The Annual Meeting is held at the Clubhouse during the early part of December. The purpose of the meeting is to review progress during the past year, elect three members to the Board, act upon any measures to be voted on, and present the operating budget for the coming year. It is vital to your interest as a property owner and to the welfare of the Shelter Ridge community that you attend the Annual Meeting.

For your information, you may also download/print the State of California's publication: Living in a California Common Interest Development

The size and complexity of Shelter Ridge dictate that we employ a professional property management firm to oversee the upkeep of our community. Though the Board is responsible for overall policy and direction, the Property Manager is the working agent of the Association in charge of day in day out operations. Among other things, the management firm is responsible for billing and for keeping homeowners accounts, for collecting delinquent accounts and filing liens if necessary, for negotiating and supervising contracts made by the Association, for putting out bids, for disbursing operating funds, for receiving and responding to concerns from owners and for administering and coordinating the Association’s response to such complaints, all subject to the overall guidance given by the Board.

Any problems affecting your home which at the responsibility of the Association should be brought directly to the attention of the Property Manager for disposition. While the Board welcomes your input relative to the overall administration of Shelter Ridge, it is not the initial contact for the solution of individual problem. By the same token, neither the contractors employed by Shelter Ridge, nor their employees, are authorized to deal with any homeowner complaint without direction from the management firm.

Property management contact information: Eugene Burger Management

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