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Policies & Rules

Most of the specific provisions embodied in the CC&Rs grow out of the practical application of the Golden Rule to the problem of living together in a common interest community. Be the kind of neighbor you would like to have as your neighbor.

Download/print the CC&R's here:  Complete CC&R's

In general as the CC&Rs state, “no offensive activity shall be carried on ... nor shall anything be done which may cause embarrassment, disturbance or annoyance to other owners in the enjoyment of their property or in their enjoyment of common areas.  Some of the most commonly inquired about policies from the CC&R's are summarized below:

Commercial Activities: Your home is within a residential community, and as such is a place for people to take refuge from the commercial world.  It is not a place to conduct a business, the sole exception being a professional or administrative occupation which is conducted “without any external evidence thereof.”

Open Storage: Shelter Ridge quickly loses its attractive, well cared for ambiance if carports or other common areas are used for storage of trash, lumber, tires, excess furniture, or other materials. This is why the CC&Rs provide that neither the carport nor any part of a homeowners property may be used for the open storage of materials, and that garbage and trash must be kept in covered containers not visible from neighboring property.  An exception to this rule is recognized for the orderly storage, within a carport of a reasonable amount of firewood, uncovered and stacked so as to allow clearance for the parking of vehicle(s) and clear of any part of the carport structure.

Parking: Homeowners have exclusive use to park private passenger vehicle(s), including pick up trucks, camper trucks and sport utility vehicles up to and including three quarter (3/4) ton when used for everyday transportation in the exclusive use carport   garage area. Any vehicle parked in a Non Designated Parking Area for a period of 72 hours or longer may be tagged and subject to towing at the owner’s expense in accordance with California Vehicle Code 22658.2. At all times, a minimum clearance of 11 feet must be maintained on all roadways and/or streets for emergency vehicles.

Carports and garages must be utilized for parking vehicles. No repairs are allowed except that in an emergency, and then only to the extent necessary to move it to a repair facility. Limited space at Shelter Ridge does not permit the presence of any type of recreational vehicle, trailer or boat. No extraordinary levels of exhaust pollution or noise are permitted.

More information here: Parking Policy

Animals: No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind may be raised, bred or kept in any Lot or the Common Area except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept, subject to the rules as adopted by the Board. It is your responsibility to look after your pet(s) as well as clean up after them.  While in the common area, including SRHA streets, dogs shall at all times are kept under the immediate control and direction of a competent, responsible person who is capable of controlling such an animal. Unattended dogs are a hazard to our landscape. By law they must be restrained and removed to the Marin County Humane Society at the owners expense.

More information here:  Animal Regulations and Pet Policy, for a printable poster of Mill Valley's Leash-Curb and Clean-Up Regulations click here

Noise:  The City of Mill Valley has regulations and enforcement procedures in place regarding noise and other public nuisances.

More information here:  Noise Regulations

Refer to New Policy Announcements:  Nuisance and Complaint Regulations (effective 9/5/07), and  Pet Regulations (effective 8/10/10)

Antennae, Satellite Dishes, External Cables or Fixtures:  Radio, television antennae, television cable, telephone cable or other exterior wiring, satellite dishes or other fixtures may not be erected or kept in place by any owner except as provided by the FCC.

Basketball Hoops: No portable basketball standards or fixed sports apparatus may be attached to any residence or garage or be erected on any lot.

Trash Disposal: All garbage and trash shall be placed and kept in covered containers and stored in carport storage areas or otherwise out of sight from the Common Area.


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