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Clubhouse, Pool, Tennis Courts

The Clubhouse:  The Clubhouse is our recreational center and is used primarily for Shelter Ridge meetings and for social functions. Any Shelter Ridge resident desiring to rent it for a noncommercial social function may do so by making application to the management firm.  Its facilities include attractive dancing and lounge areas, a fireplace, and a full kitchen (including oven and refrigerator). The Clubhouse proper (that part other than the restrooms and saunas) is kept locked at all times, with access permitted only by authorization from the Board or by approved rental application.

To rent the clubhouse, visit the Community tab, scroll down to "Calendar" and look up the date you are interested in.  If there is an event on the day you want, and an alternate date may work, please look for another date.  Once you find a day that is empty, down load the Clubhouse Reservation Agreement form.  Complete the form and send it into Eugene Burger Management Corp, with the proper security deposit and rental fee. 

RESERVATIONS ARE MADE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED (PAID) basis.  The rental form and all deposits/fees must be paid before the reservation will be processed.

Note: The Clubhouse Reservation Agreement form is available under Forms (Login Required). Please use this form to reserve the Clubhouse. Management's contact Information is available here: Contact EBMC

Pool, Saunas and Tennis Courts:  Access to these facilities requires use of Entry Key Fobs. These fobs are allocated on a one per household basis to be used by either the property owner or designated resident, but not both and may not be assigned to other individuals. Entry key fobs may be obtained from the management firm.  There is a $50 fee for a replacement. Lost or found entry key fobs should be reported to management.

Neither guests nor children under 14 are permitted use of entry key fobs or use to the recreational areas without being accompanied by a responsible adult resident.

All residents are responsible for their own safety, for the conduct and safety of their guests and children and for the observance of pool and tennis court rules. The Association does not assume responsibility for accident injury resulting from the use of these facilities by any individual.

Shelter Ridge recreational facilities are for the exclusive use of residents and their guests. If you see anyone using Shelter Ridge facilities whom you believe to be unauthorized, you can help by politely but firmly asking to see his or her entry key fob just as if you owned the facilities. You do! And please, in no event let anyone into the clubhouse or pool area, or within the tennis court enclosure who claims that they have lost, forgotten, or mislaid their fob. That is not the way to be a “good guy.”  If you notice a disturbance at the clubhouse or pool please call the police immediately.

           Pool and Sauna Rules                                    Tennis Court Rules


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