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Compost Program Launch

Dear Shelter Ridge Resident,

The green committee surveyed SRHA property owners and tenants on interest in green programs. The survey results showed strong support for creating a common dry compost program.

Composting is an excellent way to recycle garden waste, diverting it away from landfills. It consists of a naturally occurring process that breaks down plant waste into a soil-like material. The finished compost is an excellent soil amendment that improves soil structure as well as adds nutrients.

Our landscaping company has agreed to work with us and manage the areas where we can then reuse the compost in our common landscaping area. Compost materials are restricted to "yard waste" to maintain sanitary conditions and avoid attracting rodents and other pests. Therefore, we will need everyone's compliance.

To launch the program, we would need all users to either fill out this form offline and drop it, phone it or email it, or fill this survey online by May 25th 2009 at the latest. 

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