Sat, Apr 19, 2014

Silsbee High School presents Wizard of Oz
Silsbee High School's Drama Department will present the Wizard of Oz on Dec. 16-19 starting at 7 p.m. each day.

Tickets are $5 and
are available during student lunches and at the front office at Silsbee High School.
The play will feature dual actors in many key roles as several Silsbee HS students take the opportunity to enjoy the lead.

Playing Dorothy will be Hilary Hayes and Madeline Bebee. Playing Hickory/Tin Man are Brad Bebee and Mason Franco, while Hank/Scarecrow will be portrayed by Kyle Swearingen and Tori Waters.

Ms. Gulch/Wicked Witch will be played by Chelsea Neely and Ashley Dougherty.

Other members of the cast include Dylan Kilday as Zeke/Cowardly Lion, Hannah Hayes as Glinda the Good Witch, Clint Scoggins as the Professor/Wizard of Oz, Macy McKinney as Aunt Em, Jimmy Horne as Uncle Henry, Eric Wilder as the Oz Guard, and Ty Russell as Mayor Munchkin.

“As with any SHS performance, performing in The Wizard of Oz has been a blast," said Brad Bebee, whose two little sisters, ages 4 and 6, and freshman sister are in the play as well. "There is a special feeling I get when working alongside three of my younger sisters.  I hope I can continue to do shows with my family in the future.”

Playing Little Munchkins are:
Madison Apshire, Baylee LeBlanc, Kori Soinet, Annie Bebee, Jordan Lowe, Ian Tate, Scout Bebee,     Spencer Lowe, Talesha Tate, Riley Cooksey, Tanner Lowe, Draylyn Taylor, Denisha Dodis, Thomas McKeehan, ShalynTaylor, Naja Garrett, Brooke McKinney, Joshua Thompson, Deidra Gonzales, Sydnee McKinney, Grace Tomas, Carson Hanks, Megan Messer, Natalie Turk, Savannah Hanks, Thomas Nichols, Keisha Walker, Sarah Harper, Theresa Parker, Mariah Waters, Ethan Hayes, Cierra Roby, Brianna Webb, Hayden Langston, Matthew Sandifer, and Loretta Williams.

Members of the Chorus are:
Lindsay Antley, Mariah Franco, Macy McKinney, Dollie Brewer, Mason Franco, Barbara Odom, Lorin Rae Carrell, Allison Goff, Amanda Potts, Sierra Cawthon, Jessica Gore, Aneesa Royce, Madison Cook, Brittany Huebner, Ty Russell, Anne-Marie Dailey, Melody King, Caroline Simon, Morgan Droddy, Michaela Lewis, Kori Soignet, Karina Fore, Natalie Mckee, Krystin Medford, Ashley Reynolds, Cierra Roby,     Natalie Turk, and Loretta Williams.

“I’m so happy to have SHS teachers' kids and grandkids to be the munchkins playing for us," said Artistic Director Stacy Webb. "This show gives them an opportunity to learn the discipline that goes into theatre and they are having a great time.”

Says Kathryn McKeehan, vocal director, "It’s been amazing to work with this cast of students. It doesn’t matter what clique they belonged to, or what their social status was before they starting working on the show, they now have become one big family."

Members of the behind-the-scenes crew include:
Scenic and Property Design, Karen Eaves
Animation Designer, Katie Eldredge
Assistant Director, Deidra Gonzales
Choreographer, Jenny Chandler
Tornado, SHS Tigerettes
Backdrop Artist, Lindsay Yoder
Costume Design and Construction, Diane Parks
Set Construction, Harry Gardner
Prop Mistress, Shaena Massey
Lighting Designer and operator, Blake Brewer
Sound Design, Taylor Dupree
Stage Manager, Ben Dear
Stage Hands, Alex Freeman, Jordon Johnson, Weston Macon, Alex Pena, Jacob Rodriguez, Ryan Thompson, Shaena Massey, Aaron Bailey, Jordon Bonin, Troy Miller, Kayla Owens, Rose Schneider, Woody Barnes, and Ian Boddie
Program Design, P.J. Baldwin
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